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Valet Trash Services for College Campuses

Campus Valet Trash Services

Here at M&M Valet Trash, we are dedicated to bringing the most sanitary conditions possible on the college campus grounds. We offer valet trash services for college students that are in need of an effective, reliable doorstep trash pickup service they can count on up to 5 days a week.

Not only is cleanliness a benefit of our doorstep trash pickup service, but safety is as well. We want to provide a safe environment for college students. Taking trash down to the campus dumpster at different times of the night, can present an unsafe situation for many students. Using our services directly addresses this issue, by providing doorstep trash pickup services up to 5 days a week

Our services help you focus on the things that are more important to you, and allows our trained and professional staff to take care of the trash. This also provides a means of security with our staff properly dressed and on campus at different times of the night, depending on your needs

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Pre-sale Questions

How many times a week are you available?
We are available up to 5 days a week. You can schedule our doorstep trash pickup services on your college campus on any day during the week with the exception of Sunday.
How does this work exactly?
Our Valet Trash services provide a means for college students to dispose of their trash without the hassles of going to the campus dump. After signing up for our services, you will schedule certain days and times of the week you would like for us to come out. On those days that you have scheduled our pickup services, you simply put your trash outside of your dorm room on a mat that we provide, in a little bin. We will then come by at the time you specified and pickup the trash from outside of your dorm room and dispose of it. We will do this every day that you have scheduled during the week.
Are there days you are not available?
We work everyday of the week with the exception of Sunday. We take Sundays off as a day of rest.
Do I need to purchase anything special?
We provide everything you need to utilize our services. We do not charge anything outside of the costs associated with the valet trash services. There are no hidden costs.
Are there any limitations to the trash pickup?
We do not pickup oversized furniture on our valet trash service pickup runs. For those, you will need to schedule a special pickup which can be done by notifying us ahead of time. Certain rates may apply.
What are the requirements on trash pickup dates?
We ask that the trash be placed in a bin. If you do not have a bin, we will provide a bin you can use for our services. We also ask that you do not have broken glass or sharp objects in the trash that could cause injury to our staff. If you do have glass or sharp objects, we ask that you fully wrap them so that they have no potential to cause injury when we come to pickup your doorstep trash. We also ask that if you have boxes, that you break them down for us before we come.


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